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you're gonna need a bigger boat

Yup! Like in JAWS, a solid Brand Strategy always means growth. These brand strategy cases might have started as SUP (standup paddlers), but learned to navigate the market with their USP (unique selling proposition).

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go barefoot


There is a need to strategically create and develop a brand that sells barefoot shoes and can educate potential customers on this type of footwear.


Creation of the brand from the strategic premise of the barefoot and minimalist shoe concept as an umbrella brand and store. Design and development of Communication, Social Media, and Marketing Strategies with perfect coexistence in the physical and digital worlds and education on foot health as a premise.

Brand Applications

The brand has a bright and happy colour palette as a communication strategy. We custom-design a handwritten, playful and joyful typeface for GoBarefoot.


The brand's applications transcend the digital world, maintaining the brand's voice even in all elements.

The brand's digital presence is consistent with the Social Media Strategy for content, having a playful tone and showcasing the product.


There is always a 3-element composition on the Instagram feed, having lifestyle pictures to the left, messaging & education in the centre, and product pictures on the right. Each section has specific layouts in the brand's colour palette.

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A worldwide-known Professional Film Makeup Artist needs to show an identity as sleek and perfect as her work on and off screen, and requires her brand strategy and identity, website, and online presence to be striking to expand her customer base and market.


A complete brand strategy comprising her brand identity redesign, a detailed study of her market and online presence, an online and offline content and marketing strategy, website design, social media strategy, and a thorough revision of her B2C communication and plan to convey her USP amongst the market, and expand her horizons in new territories.

Brand Applications

The website is the brand strategy's central point, displaying an incredible work compilation spanning over 30 years. The boasting oversized typeface allows the user to move vertically through the screen, adding a dynamic feel to the page. 

The brand's colours frame the outstanding portfolio, and we use just enough words and let talent and skill do the talking through videos and photographs.

The brand's consistency throughout all digital platforms allows the Makeup work to shine while staying true to each platform's audience, style, and purpose. It is easy for TURRI to update her work and have a dynamic feed through her channels directly onto her website.


This work is a total makeover for one of the best and most talented Makeup artists.

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Innablink is a tech-based startup desperately needing a solid digital presence and requiring a brand to reflect its services and allow its growth.


A complete redesign from a strategic and graphic perspective to go from an analogue to a digital world. Further implementation of Marketing & Communication strategies to take the company to a global scene. Design and development of Digital Platforms and apps.

Brand Applications

Part of the solutions for the brand includes the physical presence to the face of customers through uniforms and transportation.


The colour choice involves electric blue with glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent neon lime, so the brand continues to smile friendly when lights are off.

The brand's bright, vibrant, consistent digital presence allows it to stand out easily from Instagram's feed. Again, we use lime green to catch customers' attention for alerts.


The brand's messaging is always simple, and the imagery is vector-based only as part of the brand's language.

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Yalla Veggie is the UAE's first non-meat market app. It needs a solid visual identity and an app layout design to communicate its USP and position in the market.


Creation and development of the visual identity design and strategy from the "Go Veggie" premise, with a communication & social media strategy. Development of the app's layout and iconography, setting a differentiating factor for potential investors and positioning it as a one-stop-shop for Non-meat products.

Brand Applications

Although being an app and playing in a digital world, the brand needs physical assets when interacting with suppliers and customers through food delivery.


Deliverables include business cards, masks -Covid-19 times, of course-, paper bags for delivery packaging and branded electric bikes for stage 2 of funding.

We carefully design the app with a human-centred approach to maximise the buyer's experience.


The digital world of Yalla Veggie includes the creation and development of around 1,000 customised icons for all the app's categories, needs and products, as well as a pattern for merchandising and social media presence.

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There is a huge demand for pasta at a local burger shop, so the owner needs to create one -from the product upwards- to sell it as a Pop-up store within its premises.


Pasta in a cone. An innovative way of eating authentic pasta in the UAE, honouring the 7 Emirates. The brand and the product are created from scratch: Naming, visual identity design and strategy, Packaging & Uniforms, Marketing & Communications strategy, and social media presence.

Brand Applications

The packaging -just like the brand's concept- has to be completely different from everything and everyone: Pasta in a cone it is!


The packaging design for eating in and for takeaway enhances the "walkability" concept of the brand, along with physical applications in and out of the shop.

We launch the brand under the concept of being different and unique through a Unicorn in a world of Horses.


Then it slowly progresses to the main attribute and USP of the brand: being able to walk while you eat your pasta.

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historias hechas a mano


Fashion Designer Juan Pablo Socarras needs a brand to showcase artisans and communities handcrafting every piece of his fashion collections.


Historias Hechas A Mano translates into Handmade Stories in Spanish. Its claim means "Weaving the Stories behind every product”. The creation of the brand is based on its purpose and work ethic as a thread or a plot that tells a story, showing where the story starts and how it continues without interruption. After launching, the project gets sponsored by Coca-Cola in Central and South America through a documentary, reality and fashion show that makes artisans -and their stories- visible through their work.

Brand Applications

The most important physical assets for the brand are business cards and shopping bags for their customers. Both have continuity in the line between front and back, and the materials used to make them are organic, natural, and recycled.

The brand's digital presence is clean and consistent, always having the thread through the imagery and content.


Since this is a fashion design brand, we must have our custom-designed typeface. We use the colour palette as a canvas in black and white to allow the products' colours and vibrance to be the protagonists of the stories told through design.

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british cheesecake bakery


The brand needs to enter the UAE market with a strong concept.


Brand strategy and design are based on the premise of luxury and having Gold as the medium to reflect this in the UAE market. Social Media strategies are also put in place for the brand's voice to be consistent with the high-quality product and packaging.

Brand Applications

Luxury packaging is designed for the brand, with gold print and lamination in a rigid box. 92% of the customers keep the box after they buy their cheesecakes, turning it into an automatic merchandising piece.


For the communications strategy, print and digital ads are created to reflect the brand's status of luxury and indulgence.

The brand has a black and gold or white and gold digital presence, making sure the sparks, glitter, and shine from this precious metal are always part of the animations.


A gold smear speaks of the luxurious ingredients of the brand and works as a graphic element throughout media.

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Need for a brand for a network of electric bikes bidding in Barcelona for tourists and residents.


Strategic and graphic design and development for the brand's concept, based on the main advantage of the service: being able to enjoy the ride while riding a bike, looking up to the tree branches and sky at every stop and crossroad possible.

Brand Applications

The brand's physical presence is established through the electric bikes and their corresponding stations, as well as with their transportation trucks & flatbeds and their drivers.


The brand always showcases the pattern and corporate colours, expressed with a funky, modern vibe.

The membership cards and the app are linked to work together and must visually relate to each other.


The inspiration for the brand pattern comes from the tree branches on the streets looking up. This pattern in the corporate colour is present in every touchpoint for cohesiveness and easy identification of the bikes and stations.

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our box parties


The startup's concept is to have custom-designed parties with different party themes in a box. Their launch took place just before Covid-19 and lockdown hit the world, and the brand had to re-adapt the concept since parties and gatherings were banned. A pivot in the brand strategy allowed the brand to generate happy, loyal customers.


The brand is created and designed according to the services offered. Then, a complete change in Strategy, Marketing, Advertising and Communications is set up to respond to Covid-19. Content is created for the brand and published daily to continue customer engagement and positivism.

Brand Applications

Physical assets of the brand include the loyalty cards and discounts -asides from the brand's visual identity design- and packaging for the party boxes.


The website's layout is also part of the brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive integration with the digital side of the brand.

Covid-19 hits the world, and the brand has to reinvent itself. With the lockdown in the UAE, parents and kids need to get creative and avoid getting bored.


The "Creative Indoor Challenge" comes up as a strategic change in the concept and performance of the brand while educating and entertaining. Kids have a daily challenge for 30 days as part of a story from a colouring book, and in the end, the winner receives a customised party box as a price.

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Drvn is an LA-based tech startup that allows people to be driven in their cars. The brand needs to be created -from the naming and logotype upwards- so the founders can present it to investors in an Incubator course. An urge for impact is a definite must.


Creation of the brand's name, derived from the primary action: Driven, supported by its visual identity design from its function and typeface. A simple, almost iconic mark that stands out amongst competitors and is memorable and self-explanatory.

Brand Applications

Drvn must tell the story of being driven, which is the main reason for having a mark skipping vowels and replacing them with combined consonants. The coloured portion of the logotype represents the passenger in the back of the car.


Drvn's founders must hand in business cards and introductory letters to potential investors, which is our design priority.

Drvn is an app, so the next step is designing digital applications.


The design focuses on minimal icons with striking colour accents that become the primary brand colour and simple digital signatures to e-mail potential investors.

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